Happy Christmas Aussie Backyard style

Wishing our 107 followers a happy Christmas with these photos from the backyard party at our son’s a couple of days ago. The bubble machine made for some happy snaps.

The girls jumped for joy in the quest to catch a bubble in their hand.

While the homemade gingerbread house was rapidly demolished.


As the Christmas tree lights twinkle in the window, we wish you all a happy day tomorrow and beyond.

Deck the trees fa-la la-la

This afternoon we set up the Christmas tree with our two granddaughters.

It took intense concentration threading the tinsel round and hanging the decorations, but the result is satisfying for all.


Sadly, two frogs were floating in the pool, but only one survived the rescue operation. The other is now in the nature study tray, together with the bones of the dead goldfish.

Garden rescue and native orchid

A couple of days ago David rescued this little critter from our swimming pool. After consulting the Museum of Victoria app, it appears to be Haskells frog, by the line down its back and the black eye line.

It sat on the front porch for a bit before disappearing into the greenery. We are pleased that frogs are still in this area, as it is the first we have seen here.

In the nearby bushland, I found this beautiful specimen of a hyacinth orchid, which is indigenous to the Mornington Peninsula.

Finally, a photo of our garden in the early morning. I liked the way the soft sunlight picked out the geometric shapes of hedge and umbrella and the symmetry of the reflections.


Summer garden visitors

This afternoon, we had a visitor in our garden. As we were sipping a cuppa with friends, a blue-tongued lizard crept along outside the window and settled under a seat in the sunshine. It was just below a Grasstree (xanthorrea) which is flowering for the first time in our three years in this house.

We appreciate these two snippets of Australian natural environment in our domesticated setting. It’s almost like being back in the bush.



Melbourne Now – J’aime

Yesterday I met couple of friends for brunch at Young and Jackson’s Hotel, directly across the road from Flinders Street Station. We sat at the corner table watching the crowds teeming across every time the lights changed.


After farewelling them, I crossed past St Paul’s Cathedral to Federation Square, where crowds queued to get actor Chris Lilliey to sign his latest DVD.




I then did a free guided tour of NGV Australia’s part of the Melbourne Nowexhibition, which is well worth a look.