Under One Moon – Even in Brilliant Sunshine

This afternoon we visited Richmond Housing Estate for the Under One Moon Festival celebrating Melbourne’s cultural diversity. In the grounds of the Estate was a stage surrounded by tents with stalls and displays. We were treated to performances of Beijing Opera, Japanese umbrella dancing, African dancers and various Timor Leste performers, including some men in magnificent feather headdresses. There was also a dragon dance, with frisky dragons running among the crowd afterwards. Small shelters were built by the Papuans and those from Timor Leste. Those present were invited to make lanterns for the parade to be held in the evening. I made an attempt and was told that the result was acceptable, thanks to some help from teenagers who seemed to have the hang of it.

Although we had to leave before the evening parade, it was a good day. Thanks to my fellow Mandarin student, Maria, a resident at the Estate, for the invitation. Photos: David StreetImageImageImageImageImage