This evening in Madrid – the fiesta of San Isidro attracts thousands

Well, we started towards the old Cathedral of San Isidro, and in a few minutes, three women walked in front of us wearing beautifully embroidered shawls and carrying silver staffs. They were soon joined by men in identical suits carrying a standard for their brotherhood “hermanidad”. We kept following them until they went into a door, together with members of a band, carrying brass instruments. Round the corner, crowds were starting to build up and police were mobilising. We managed to position ourselves across the road from the church, behind some shorter people, thus securing a great viewpoint. The band struck up and clergy and officials in bright robes processed out of the church, followed by an effigy of the saint’s wife and then Saint Isidoro himself. We joined the crowd who dispersed in Plaza Mayor, before heading to a smaller plaza, Santa Anna for dinner. This has been a highlight of the trip.