Driving inland on outback bakery quest

Last Saturday we headed to Marree via the Outback Way, stopping for lemonade scones and quandong jam at the legendary Prairie Hotel, Parachilna, with its friendly dog.

We stocked up at Leigh Creek supermarket and drove on to Copley, only to find the bakery closed. Undeterred, we proceeded across saltbush plains to the historic village of Farina (established 1874), where fellow campers had reported buying bread a few days ago.

It turns out the old underground bakery is only in production when the volunteer restoration team is in residence, and they had left. We checked out the beautifully conserved buildings, including the disused pub and cattle loading yard.
Finally we met up with our friends at Marree, where it hasn’t rained properly since March, yet the desert is blooming with solanum (nightshade) and blue bush.