Shuttle off to Melbourne city then deck the sky

Inspired by Leanne Cole Photographer’s blog, we decided to head to Melbourne today for a day visit. It is also homework for me as I am an apprentice guide for Melbourne’s free City Ambassador Program. I need to know what my home city has to offer from a visitor’s perspective.

We began with the Shuttle Bus which takes visitors around the inner Melbourne attractions and until October 1 is free (it’s only $5 thereafter, so still a good deal).

We hopped off at Stop 9, Harbourtown as this is a new precinct that we haven’t seen before. We were so impressed by the vibe that we stayed for nasi lemak at a cafe called Chilli Paddy, just under the shadow of the soon-to-be-reopened Ferris wheel.

Then back on the Shuttle for the rest of the circuit, alighting at the National Gallery of Victoria, where a market was in full swing. from there we walked through Southbank to Eureka Tower, which has the Skydeck, the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere.

We felt proud of our home city and conscious of how much it has to offer visitors. It is easy to take home for granted!