What do John Travolta and Longreach have in common?

They both have old Qantas 707 planes. Longreach’s 707 is at the Qantas Founders Museum. John Tavolta is a flight enthusiast and Qantas ambassador. We learnt this piece of trivia when we spent most of today at the Museum. They had a much larger 747 that we were shown in detail.

Before going to the Museum, we visited the Longreach School of Distance Education, where we saw a class in action. The school has 147 students scattered over a classroom that is larger than the state of Victoria.





Tropical stockmen, camp brolgas and pretty corellas

The Tropic of Capricorn runs along the Matilda Highway through Longreach, the town that is famous for the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. We watched stockman and entertainer Lachie Cossor demonstrate his skills.
This evening a pair of brolgas seem to have moved into our campground, while a flock of corellas perched in the sunlight outside the post office. No wonder Longreach claims to be

Capital of the Outback