Engelbrecht Cave and Mt Schank volcano geology

Engelbrecht Cave lies under the streets of Mt Gambier town. There are twin entrances leading down to an underground lake. A demonstration diver outfit is suspended to show you how they were kitted out. It’s out of date – apparently divers now wear dry suits with thermals underneath and carry an iPhone-like device strapped to their arm for keeping track of their air supply. The cave has no stalactites as the cave was formed under the water.

The tour with Paula, our friendly guide, lasted three quarters of an hour and the price of $10 for seniors was good value.

A short drive away is the extinct volcano of Mt Schank. The climb was a good workout and we were rewarded with a view fringed with bluebells into the crater. Ignoring the warning sign, I descended the narrow path, striped skinks scattering ahead of me. Meanwhile, David and his sister walked around the rim. A derelict stone cottage by the car park had once provided refreshments to passers-by. By the time we finished, thunder was rumbling and it started raining. We returned to damp chairs under the annexe of the caravan.