Icicles to red earth and slack tide

We confess to leaving the heater on all night at Clare, splurging on greenhouse gasses. In the morning we discovered why we’d felt the need for such luxury: a foot-long icicle stalagmite protruded upwards from the water tank of the caravan, proving that temperatures had been below freezing.

We had uncompleted business from yesterday’s railtrail, so we dragged the van up hill and dale to find the disused station of Barinia – the end of the line. Yesterday we’d walked 12km but still had another 3km round trip to complete. This we did in brilliant sunshine and revelled in the home-brewed espresso plus banana and cake when we finished.

Dave decided to take us to Port Augusta via the Horrocks Highway, which proved to be a welcome change from Highway One. We pulled into the Shoreline Caravan Park at slack tide – a magic photo time. The walk over red earth to the French Bakery for a vanilla slice (remembered fondly from last year) was rewarded with magical  






 reflections over the Spencer Gulf and a spectacular outback sunset.

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