Metro Cafe Mt Gambier has über cool barista

We lunched at the Metro Cafe, Mt Gambier. The food and service were both great and we were impressed with the creative hairstyle of one of the staff. He explained that it was Japanese influenced.

We also walked round Valley Lake and Blue Lake. The colour difference was subtle – you be the judge.

Mt Gambier also has substantial C19 buildings of the local dolomite and a sunken garden with cave.


Upper Glenelg River floral beauty

The Glenelg River in southwestern Victoria Is well worth a visit on a drive from Melbourne to South Australia. The Great Southwestern Walk has attractive campsites and interpretive signs. Even in late summer, the eucalyptus was blossoming and there was a show of wildflowers. We also found a waterfall. Roadkill showed some of the fauna of the area – snakes and large grey kangaroos. The buzz of a march fly reminded us to keepimage






image the great Australian salute!

Lake Hamilton rat among birds

Lake Hamilton, in the Western District of Victoria is a bird paradise with musk ducks spreading their fan tails and puffing their cheeks while cormorants use the buoys as lookout beacons.

A sleek water rat glides swiftly between wary ducks and lapwings gaze steadily west in the dreamy morning.

The 4.2km circumnavigation of the lake, which is close to the attractive town of Hamilton takes an hour – a very pleasant walk. It can also be done by cycle.