Meet Johnny Green, a fire engine and a house if you are poor and sober

Today we did the rest of the Burra passport, first returning to the copper mine, where we photographed Johnny Green, who has been the mine’s mascot since its inception in 1847. He now stands proudly on a chimney moved to the entrance of the Monster Mine.

The town is actually an amalgam of several mining villages and ruins abound, like these old stables.

In order to avoid rent, some of the miners chose to live in dugouts that they had made. This was fine till the river flooded and washed most away. A few have been conserved by the National Trust.

David used the passport key that we were provided with to access the police lock-up.

There was a very fine fire engine in the Bon Accord museum.

But if you were poor AND sober, you could live in one of the pretty cottages that was provided.

We ended the tour of Burra, which had a copper rush that predates Victoria’s gold rush, with a walk along the pretty pond that has been formed along the creek.


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