The highest pub in the Northern Territory

Larrimah, on the Stuart Highway, had a role in World War II. Something to do with a planned line of retreat after the bombing of Darwin. Now it is a rambling, eccentric pub and store with paraphernalia and a shelter for rescued native birds. A bottle of whiskey was $67! I took a photo of the bar and the gyrocopter and pink panther outside.

We continued on here to Mataranka, where there is a thermal pool (improved by the troops) amid livingstonia palms with the sounds of tropical birdlife. The road photo shows the trees with clouds indicating humidity. The maximum temperature was 32′ Celsius.





This Devil has gone troppo but hasn’t lost his marbles!

Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn this morning was just the beginning. After lunch, we came to the Devils Marbles. These giant balls of granite have been shaped by, chemical leaching and the physical forces of temperature change in the Red Centre of Australia. David posed to demonstrate his strength.

We bush camped once again on a rail alignment, where the desert put on a display of Sturts Desert Rose, yellow butterfly bush and russet termite mounds amongst the straw-coloured spinifex.

Finally, for Iris and Lily, meet Grandad’s mascot, Koala Lumpur (Lumpu for short). He entertains us by swinging from the shelf.