Springing into Alice via a dusty red shortcut

When we realised that it was over 500km to take the sealed road from Kings Canyon to Alice Springs, we were tempted to try the Earnest Giles Road, a 4WD track over an unsealed road, that would cut over 100km off the journey. Dave sealed up the rear window of the Prado with plastic sheeting to prevent stones from breaking it and covered up the drinking water tap on the caravan with something called “hundred mile an hour tape” as last time we tried an off-road caper like this, the tap came off and life giving water streamed onto the road. But this time, all went well, and we were rewarded with some new wildflowers (frilled Goodenia and pussyfoot), a series of craters left by a meteorite and lunch with a young family who had been our neighbours at Kings Canyon. We arrived at The Alice in time to stock up for our continuing journey north and spent the next 15minutes sweeping red dust from every crevice in the caravan – but it was worth it for the adventure!.






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