First day on the Camino de Santiago

After a simple breakfast, we had our passport stamped by the hotel and set off over the old stone bridge. At a photo stop, we met a group of friendly pilgrims from Germany and babbled in a hybrid language with them for most of the trip. We bought a pilgrim’s shell at the 100km post (that’s 100 to Santiago and had a coffee break a bit later. The day was heavenly, with wildflowers. Stopped for a bread roll (bocadillo) for lunch at Morgade, where dairy cattle were being driven down Main Street. Then down across a stream on ancient stepping stones. We walked down stone lanes where the perfume of newly mown hay was exhilarating and finally cross a dam wall to Portomarin, a relocated town on a very pretty dam. We are hungry and our legs are sore, but hey, we’ve survived day one and walked 25km.









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