What are these tents doing in this paddock?

they have been erected by participants in the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

Yesterday David returned from delivering our grand daughter, Lucinda, to her mother and brother at Port Campbell, on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The middle, rest day of the GVBR coincided with an orientation day at the secondary school that she is enrolled for, so valiant Granddad picked her up from Koroit, above the Tower Hill Reserve, drove her to Melbourne and the following day, picked her up from school, returned her to her family, overnighted in Warrnambool before driving home via the Queenscliff ferry.
The Great Victorian Bike Ride is an annual event involving a moving town of 5,000 riders, cycling on a nine-day journey across the state of Victoria. this year’s ride included the spectacular Great Ocean Road and went from Mount Gambier with its famous Blue Lake, to the port city of Geelong.


Yesterday the riders completed the gruelling climb up Lavers Hill in wet conditions – quite a feat. The photos are from Monday, when conditions were sunnier.

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