Chinese Painting in a Day – a great form of relaxation

Today I did a Chinese painting class at the CAE – a beautiful way to spend a Sunday. Teacher Thanh Duong took us through the techniques of Lingnan Chinese painting, which uses brushes of animal hairs to combine ink and paints on rice paper using a freehand style to produce an expression of the artist’s life energy.

We learned techniques of working with water, ink and colour-mixing as well as several ways to hold the brush and do the stroke work. I was inspired by the results of all of our small class (only three of us), in such a short time.

I’d like to do some more sometime soon.








2 thoughts on “Chinese Painting in a Day – a great form of relaxation

    • Hi Bronwyn, thanks for visiting. Yes, I was an absolute beginner to this form of painting. Over the past 20 years, I’ve had 3 or 4 tries at watercolour painting under supervision from friends with some experience but the paints and techniques are different. The other 3 in the class produced work that was of a higher standard. We all painted the same subjects after the teacher demonstrated. Opportunities for creativity were limited to placement of the bees, chickens, blossom in relation to each other.


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