Last day of winter in the heart of New South Wales

We awoke to the sound of rain on the van roof. Bidding farewell to our new friend, Myra, (who dried the breakfast dishes while we packed up), we drove through the rain to Warren, a town of 2000. After hastily switching from shorts to jeans in the van, we stocked up at the IGA, being careful not to buy much fresh food as we’ll have to surrender uneaten fruit or veg when we cross into the Riverina irrigation area.

It was 12 degrees Centigrade – half of what we’re used to, so I opened a can of soup for lunch, at a roadside stop on the red earth, with cypress pines and spring wildflowers.

We’re on the homeward run and are looking forward to seeing loved ones, but as we approach the chilly south, we are pleased that spring is on the way.

Then on through pea-green fields of canola (such a contrast to the grey tones of the eucalypt and cyprus forest) to Condobolin, past the geographical centre of the state of New South Wales.








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