Macquarie Marshes – not so marshy but still intriguing

After reading the information about Macquarie Marshes, we decided to extend our stay to get a closer look. We did a circuit of approximately 200km round the northern section of the Marshes. Even though this year is dry, we still had to make a river crossing, much to David’s delight (he went back and repeated the exercise twice).

We passed through extensive flat, dry areas that flood in wet seasons, as well as a spectacular wetland at Monkeygar Creek. We drove over a rough track with deep potholes through a small nature reserve and picnicked by the deserted homestead of Ninia. The bird watching was good, and I spotted a few types that I hadn’t seen before.

I’ve included a shot of some beautiful parrot feathers – does anyone know what bird they belong to?

Finally, the dawn this morning from the door of our caravan – the beauty of wilderness.