Roma – worth bottling

Heading south and homeward, we crossed The Great Dividing Range to Roma, still in Queensland, Australia.

We were held up by roadworks – there is a lot of infrastructure investment going on in inland Queensland. Oh well, I guess it will make travel better in the future.

Roma has a pleasant short walk along the Adungadoo Pathway, under river gums and complete with fitness equipment and wetlands with wood ducks and a spoonbill.

There are several hundred bottle trees down main street in memory of those who died in the wars. The largest is impressively fat, as David is demonstrating below.

Roma was the birthplace of the Australian gas and oil industry, when they put down drills searching for water and got some petrochemical surprises. In the 1920s, they had some oilmen from the US come over and advise. The industry is booming and the visitors’ centre has a sound and light display depicting the history and a museum with a film on life on remote rig sites.

Roma also is centre to a thriving cattle industry, with large stockyards.