Easy day at Takarakka Bush Resort

We decided to extend our stay at Takarakka Bush Resort, adjacent to Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland, Australia. We weren’t disappointed.

At 6.30am, I met a young woman as I came out of the loo. She said that she was heading down to the creek to see the platypus. I asked to join her and we very quietly sneaked to a quiet part of the creek. In the soft dawn light, we could just make out the little marsupial busily going back and forth from under a log. I didn’t have my camera with me, unfortunately.

We spent the rest of the morning doing our washing in the machine, climbing to a lookout above the resort and watching birds along the river.

After a relaxed omelette lunch, we headed back into Carnarvon National Park for a couple of walks up Mickey Creek Gorge and then to the Rock Pool swimming hole. It was a change not to be driving any distance. We finished with a resort-cooked roast dinner, talking with fellow travellers.