Magnetic island attraction

Magnetic Island, North Queensland, Australia, confused Captain Cook because the iron in the bedrock messed up the ship’s compass. Today it drew us with it’s magnetism. Sadly my photo of a humpback whale passing the ferry failed. But the island itself is a largely unspoiled tropical paradise, with towering hoop pines gazing down on visitors.

We walked round to Gregory Bay and enjoyed pizza gamberoni e salmone at an authentic pizzeria, where the staff bellowed cheerfully at each other in Italian. Then came the hard part – despite the tropical heat, we decided to challenge ourselves with a 6.3k walk over the central mountain range. We were rewarded with views of dryland and tropical wilderness.

We didn’t confirm our accommodation in time so had to shift to a caravan park by the Ross River, of mosquito-born virus fame. They fog the bathrooms daily, presumably to reduce the mozzie population. We’re going to dine indoors!