Farewell outback – welcome town amenities

Last night we walked along a disused railway line off the Kennedy Developmental Road, Queensland, Australia, and this morning completed the drive to Charters Towers.

Our campsite was totally isolated and we were treated to a setting crescent moon and Venus then a half dome of myriad stars.

Today our campsite is such a contrast: town water, a dinner for a mere $15.00, spotless bathroom facilities and a washing machine. But the shadow in the photo is cast by the neighbouring van. It’s a trade-off – glorious isolation or sociable home comforts. We like to have a mix, but there is something special about the former that we’ll recall for the rest of our lives.




Tropical inland Queensland – 98% original landscape

We are bush camping in inland Queensland, Australia out of 3G range but I’ll publish this when we get coverage. Yesterday afternoon we walked to a replica pioneer hut past remains of inland telegraph poles built of native cypress to be termite-resistant. Then this morning we skirted the crater of an extinct volcano and wondered at the lush vegetation surrounding it. At the Undara campfire talk last night, the guide explained that Etheridge shire, which is the shire we were in, is 98% original landscape.

We have started heading south as we plan to be home in about three or four weeks, but we will miss this unspoiled wilderness.

Tonight it’s sausages from Georgetown, followed by pancakes and fresh pineapple. Crows are serenading us and a willy-willy just swirled past the caravan, billowing the awning.