Undara Lava Tubes – 8th wonder of the world

At 8am this morning, we took a 2-hour guided tour to Undara lava tubes, Queensland, Australia. These were described by naturalist and television presenter David Attenborough as the eighth wonder of the world.

Apparently a volcanic eruption 190,000 years ago spread lava for 160 kilometres over the surrounding plain. As it cooled, the outside of the flows hardened, while the centre continued to flow, leaving tubes. At various places, the tubes have collapsed over the years, leaving 69 tubes in a line, interspersed with lush patches of vegetation on the volcanic soil formed by the collapsed tunnels.

Because I’m into birds, I’ve also included a photo of a noisy friar bird that we saw yesterday evening and a pied currawong round the campsite.

Undara Resort has an excellent restaurant where I had barramundi cooked in a macadamia crust. David finished with a delicious chocolate volcano which erupted when he plunged his spoon into it. A great place!