Stop press – gold, gold, gold!

I’d just finished today’s blog when a miner drove into the campground and flashed this nugget that he’d just found with a metal detector on his day off. It’s worth approximately $6000. So Australia still has opportunities for those prepared to put in the time and who have a stroke of luck.


Croydon – a former goldmine with some Chinese influence

Today we stopped for coffee at the old gold mining town of Croydon, on the Savannah Way, Queensland, Australia.

At the end of the nineteenth century it was the fourth largest town in the state, after two stockmen discovered gold while fencing on a property called Croydon Downs.

Because timber was in short supply, an interesting style of architecture developed, with the frame on the outside and single-layer timber wall. Ordinary homes made much use of corrugated iron.

Like several other gold mining towns, Chinese immigrants followed the miners, providing much needed vegetables from the market gardens that they established.