Savannah Way: cattle, prawn boats and a seaside market

We visited a Sunday market at Karumba and acquired a mosquito coil pendant, photographed prawn boats in the estuary, then drove to Normanton, on the Savannah Way,Queensland,Australia .

We stopped for lunch and I photographed a camper with an elaborate five-wheeler which included a hutch for his motorbike.

This is Brahman cattle country and in drought. A grazier was on his quad bike droving cattle down the long paddock, the wide roadside verge that drovers of old used to herd cattle to market. I guess he was saving trucking fees by walking the beasts to Karumba cattle yards to be exported to Indonesia.

We also drove to explorers Burke and Wills’ northern-most camp and were told there was an estuarine crocodile in the river. We didn’t go down to investigate!

Tonight we barbecued a steak and are testing the hanging mosquito coil outside the caravan. It’s tropical!