South to North – like explorers Burke and Wills, we’ve arrived at the Gulf

We have finally arrived at the sea – the Gulf of Carpentaria ,Queensland, Australia . We walked along the boardwalk for a bit then had drinks and barramundi at the Sunset Tavern as the sun went down.

Mission accomplished. It has taken over five amazing weeks to cross the continent. We have met some great people and now have a thoroughly blooded caravan. Now for the return journey!





Go fly your kite at Gregory Downs – and whistle

This morning we climbed the hill to get phone coverage for the last time before braving the red dust back to the idyllic riverside spot at Gregory Downs. Miraculously, our old campsite beside the river was vacant and after a very basic lunch, (we are totally out of fresh fruit or veg), set about reducing the red dust that had seeped into every corner of the van.

After cooling off by shooting the rapids, we were entertained by the whistling kites who put on a command performance swooping and diving over the river. I managed to capture some on camera.

Dinner was tuna, instant noodles and freeze-dried peas. Tomorrow we look forward to shops and supplies …..