Out of range and free-camping at Gregory Downs

We are camped by the Gregory River in far north-western Queensland, Australia, out of Internet range, so I will publish when we return to civilisation. It is paradise.

There are about 20 other caravans, but we were lucky to get a riverside stand. The reason it’s vacant is because guys from work gangs fill their water tanks right near this spot at 6am each morning and use the water to spray on the gravel road to suppress the dust. There are big spotlights on a stand nearby which they apparently light up. Oh we’ll, this should get us up early.

The Milky Way galaxy is clearly visible and the Gregory River is talking to us. This afternoon we shot the rapids in bathers to cool off. Whistling kites were circling overhead, then settled for the night on the giant melaleuca trees. A wallaby and her joey came quietly down to drink.



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