First decent rain Quilpie has had for months

Mid morning the thunder started – then the rain descended. In the caravan park we dodged the puddles and queued for the only clothes dryer. Then it stopped, and we walked by the river until we accumulated clay (called black earth) on boots then retreated to the railway line, which was slightly elevated. The birds came out and so did a rainbow – a new aspect of inland Australia.






2 thoughts on “First decent rain Quilpie has had for months

  1. Sounds as if you having a great time and covering some dirt, Bron and David, since our Chinese blowout in Wilcannia Golf Club. Pity about your caravan dingle, glad you saw the Mt Grenfell rock art. You write a great blog, it’s lovely to be reminded ofa all those wonderful places. Ian is currently writing up our recent Simspn Desert trip, will let you know when posted.


    • Hi Helen – we loved reading your 2008 and 2010 trips and will read the middle one when I get to wifi – I’m running low on data. I tried to put a comment onto your blog (also to than you for the veggies) but I’m not sure whether I did it properly. It was great meeting you both – let’s keep in touch!


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